Care and Maintenance of Aluminum Rain Carrying Products


The most common reason for gutter failure is debris in gutters and downspouts.  If you notice water overflowing your gutters, the first thing to check is something plugging your system Periodical cleaning is very important to prolong the life of your gutter system and keep your workmanship warranty valid.  Several options are recommended for cleaning.

  1. Using an air blower when leaves are dry.
  2. Simply scooping leaves out with your hands.
  3. Using a water hose to flush the system.

Regardless of which option you choose always make sure the downspouts, and underground drains are also clear.  Running water in the system is the easiest way to confirm everything is open.  Most plugged downspouts can be dislodged by turning on a water hose and working the hose into the top of downspout.

Care of the Paint Finish

Simple cleaning procedures should be scheduled as conditions demand.

For surface soil or stains, resulting from industrial fallout, tree sap, insecticides, or chimney fumes, the use of non abrasive household detergent is recommended. (For example 1/3 cup of Tide per 1 gallon of water.)

The solution should be applied with a soft rag, sponge, or soft bristle brush with a gentle rubbing action.  For stubborn stains try a heavy-duty cleaner such as Fantastik, or "Industro-Clean" available from Amway.  Heavy soil deposits may require several applications.

Climatic Conditions

If mildew is a problem, prepare the following solution and comply with the aforementioned washing.

1/3 Cup of detergent(Tide for example)
2/3 Cup Trisodium Phosphate (Soilax for example)
1 Qt. 5% Sodium Hypochlorite (Clorox for example)
3 Qts.  Water.

Foundation Maintenance

Maintain the grading around the house to a gentle slope away from the foundation.  A clay based soil should be used around the foundation to shed rainwater away.  Sand is porous and will allow water to settle next to the foundation, which can cause foundation problems.

A stable moisture environment is very important for a stable foundation.  Mother Nature determines how much rain water will fall from your eaves and can not be controlled.  This water must be contained and directed away from the foundation. The best way to prevent foundation problems is to provide good drainage of water away from the foundation and keep soil moisture consistently equal through all the seasons.


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