Workmanship Warranty

Your invoice serves as your warranty start date.

Precision Guttering
Lifetime Owner-10 Year Transferable
Gutter Workmanship Warranty

Whereas, Precision Guttering, herein called the "contractor," has completed the installation of  new gutter

Now, Therefore, the contractor hereby guarantees, subject to the conditions herein set forth, for the liftetime of the original owner or during a period of 10 years transferable from the date of completion of said gutter system, it will, at its own expense, make or cause to be made such repairs to said gutter system resulting solely from faults or defects in workmanship applied by or through the contractor to maintain said gutter system.

This guarantee is made subject to the following conditions:

1. Specifically excluded from this guarantee is any and all damage to said gutter system, the building or contents caused by snow, ice, lightning, windstorm, earthquake, fire, hailstorm, or other unusual phenomena of the elements; foundation settlement; unlevel structure; failure of material used in construction of building. If the gutter system is damaged by reason of the foregoing the guarantee shall thereupon become null and void  for the balance of the guarantee period unless such damage is repaired by the contractor at the expense of the party requesting such repairs.

2. The contractor is not liable for consequential damages to the building or contents resulting from defects in said gutter system.

3. No Repairs or alterations shall be made to said gutter system, unless the contractor shall be first notified, shall be given the opportunity to make the necessary gutter system recommendations with respect thereto , and such recommendations are complied with. Failure to observe this condition shall render this guarantee null and void. The contractor shall be paid for time and material expended in making recommendations or repairs occasioned by the work of others on said gutter system.

4. This guarantee shall not be or become effective unless and until the contractor has been paid in full for said gutter system in accordance with the agreement pursuant to which such gutter system was installed.

5. This guarantee shall become null and void unless the contractor is promptly notified of any alleged defect in materials or workmanship and provided an opportunity to inspect the gutter system.

6. This guarantee shall become null and void if said gutter system is not cleaned of debris of any type which plugs or restricts proper function of said gutter system.

7. Warranty is transferable one time up to 10 years by original purchaser to the subsequent owner of the property provided that contractor  receives written notice of the transfer within 30 days of the property title transfer. Failure to notify contractor  in writing within 30 days of transfer will relieve contractor of any future obligation as stated. Warranty is non-transferable for repairs.

8. The contractor is not responsible for unlevel structure; he will slope gutter to the best of his ability with the structure he has to work with.  If additional downspouts are required they will be installed at the owner's expense. 


Precision Guttering
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